WRAP® to support pupils


WRAP® stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan and is an evidenced based group model with proven effectiveness in increasing resilience, emotional wellbeing and mental health. It’s a simple, structured wellness process which can be used by anyone – children, young people and adults -who wants to change how they feel and how they react to life’s challenges.

Supporting pupils' wellness

WRAP® enables you  to plan, in advance, what you can do to keep yourself emotionally ‘on track’ and build a foundation to support yourself to stay well. It helps you to work out what your resources are and to focus on things that you do well. It helps you to draw on things that are simple and safe to create significant change in your life.

WRAP® supports a better understanding of what impacts on your wellness and mental health. It provides opportunities to increase coping strategies and so either prevent or decrease troubling feelings and behaviours. It provides a focus on understanding key supporters who can help when needed and to increase your confidence and the ‘how to’ bounce back from setbacks.

WRAP® groups are not issue specific, but allow people to focus on individuals’ challenges whatever their nature. The scope, thus, becomes limitless as a person’s application of learning from WRAP® can be transferred to support future challenges and life-long change in their management and responses to difficulties.

Lucy, age 12

“Thinking about wellness tools has helped me control and manage strong feelings – to know what to do to shift my mood or distract negative thoughts when I’m over thinking. I know ways to calm down that work for me and I get less angry now and feel less anxious than I did before. I’m not getting in trouble as much at school, the sessions have helped me realise that I don’t need to react to situations in an angry way.”

Tom, age 14

“I didn’t want to go to school because of things that were going on with my friends. Doing WRAP® helped me take responsibility for myself and listen to those people around me who have my back. My daily plan got me back into a routine and knowing what my stressors are has made me think about the kind of friends I want to hang around with. I haven’t had any thoughts of hurting myself since I started WRAP®.”

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