Whole Class Support

Whole Class Support

Barnardo’s can support the emotional wellbeing of whole classes with our ‘Let’s Connect Whole Classes’ programmes. These can be delivered in-person or on-line. The focus of these programme can be tailored to meet the needs of individual classes and year groups with the aim of improving wellbeing, resilience and confidence and individuals’ developing their coping strategies.

Our Programmes

The programme can be delivered over 10 sessions, or we can deliver shorter themed programmes for whole classes on a range of topics such as anxiety, sleep, challenging negative thoughts, transition and exam worries.

Sessions are informed by approaches from both WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which are both evidence-based models.

Key Benefits

Our whole class programmes support pupils to:

  • Improve wellbeing and mental health
  • Build resilience and confidence
  • Develop evidenced based coping strategies
  • Improve understanding of what impacts individual wellbeing
  • Strengthen peer networks
  • Prevent/decrease troubling feelings/behaviours
  • Plan in advance, what they can do to keep emotionally ‘on track’.

Harriet, age 11

I feel more relaxed about things now. When people try and wind me up, I can deal with it without getting angry and punching things – the sessions have made me think about how I react. I’ve learnt how to cope with my feelings without hurting other people’s feelings and I’m able to tell a teacher why I’m annoyed. My relationships at home and school are a lot better.” 

Jade, age 15

“I’m making better choices at school and I’m in less trouble. I think I’m more confident and less angry. I’ve got new ways to calm down when I start to feel angry which help me feel better and more relaxed. I’m also better at thinking what a good friend is now and how I can make better friends. I would tell somebody else to do these sessions because it helps you a lot to feel better.” 


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