Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops

Let’s Connect can provide your school or college with a range of workshops that support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of your whole school community including staff, parents/carers and pupils.

What are Wellness Workshops?

Wellness Workshops include:

School assemblies on resilience and wellbeing topics such as managing anxiety, healthy relationships, keeping safe and challenging negative thoughts.

Break time drop-ins for pupils to talk about how they are feeling and access support, advice and guidance.

Support sessions for school staff on different topics such as managing challenges, relaxation and stress reduction and developing peer support networks.

Support sessions for parents and carers to manage and support their child through a specific challenge such as change and transition, exams, anxiety, self-harm and poor sleep.

Sam, age 11

“The sessions helped me realise the importance of my routine; to think about how I can be ready for school and how being organised is important to me as it affects how the rest of my day goes. I’ve also worked on making changes to my night-time routine so I can get more sleep – I’ve found that if I have better routines I’m not as annoyed with people and I feel better in myself.”

Rowan, age 13

“I’m more aware of how I respond to situations and now visualize the volcano in my head. I used it the other day in school – a girl screamed and shouted at me to get a rise out of me. I was able to walk away.  I felt annoyed but I purposely avoided an argument or a fight – before the workshops I would have lost it right there, but I could see I was starting to build up.”

Fai, age 12

“I now have a voice to talk about stuff I haven’t shared with anyone before the sessions – about how I’m feeling and about my over-thinking. I’m so much more confident and I really believe in myself more. People have noticed I’ve changed – it’s been amazing.”

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