WRAP® to support staff

Using WRAP® to support staff

Barnardo’s Let’s Connect recognises that wellbeing in schools starts with school staff. They are in the front line and it can be difficult to promote emotional and social wellbeing in others, if their own wellbeing is challenged or unsupported. 

Why do staff need support?

Barnardo’s experience of working in schools has shown us the increasing challenge and expectation of school staff to have the know-how to support the range and extent of complex needs pupils bring. School staff are often the first port of call to children’s distress and upset and there is increasing expectation that schools provide the answers, direction and support to growing numbers of pupils.

The Let’s Connect team appreciate that wellbeing in schools starts with school staff: recognising that a pupil or colleague may be struggling can be difficult and supporting the wellbeing of others if you’re struggling with your own wellness can be even more difficult.

It’s widely acknowledged that teacher’s own emotional wellbeing affects classroom management and pupil outcomes (Braun et. Al 2018). Yet, according to the Anna Freud Mentally Healthy Schools report, 80% of teachers report experiencing stress, anxiety and depression at work, and over 50% report feeling ‘severely’ stressed. Add to the mix the different challenges happening in the UK and beyond right now, and there’s a lot of potentials to impact the wellbeing of even the most resilient.

Staff recruitment and retention

A proven benefit of a WRAP® supported workforce includes reduced staff sickness and increased staff retention as individual staff have greater awareness of the importance and role of: 

  • Wellness tools in keeping them emotionally on track
  • Things they can plan into their day to support their wellbeing
  • What they do and feel like when they’re well, so they notice sooner when they’re becoming emotionally ‘off track’
  • Individual stressors which cause difficult feelings and planning helpful responses in advance
  • Early warning signs that signal a decline in wellbeing, so they can act sooner to prevent problems escalating.


Ex-Deputy Head

“If I’d have had support like this when I was a teacher, I would still be working in schools today.”

School Pastoral Lead

WRAP® has provided me with new tools, a new language, new skills and a new perspective on how I can support my own wellbeing in day-to-day life. It’s helped me at work and I’m a happy and healthier mum and partner too.”

Secondary Teacher

“I appreciate the importance given to knowing myself better, my responses to things and planning in advance. When I get stressed, I get flustered and can’t think of what to do. I realise now that I need to step in sooner to prevent the build-up. This course has been a huge help to me and provided a safe space to open up when I wouldn’t normally.”

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