Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma is often assumed as being related to events such as abuse, neglect, natural disasters, and acts of terrorism. However, individuals may have experienced other types of life events which can lead to equally challenging emotions and responses. Such experiences could include bullying, loss, isolation, segregation, humiliation, poverty, and stress. These are traumas which are frequently overlooked. It’s important that trauma isn’t evaluated by the nature of the event – any situation where the support network fails to provide the necessary protection, can lead to trauma.

Trauma informed practice is more than just an offer of therapy for the individual who has experienced the trauma.

For a school to be trauma informed, the environment, the language and the ethos needs to understand and embrace the principles. This can begin by preparing the environment and Let’s Connect can help by providing consultancy regarding the use of language within all the literature the school produces – from art displays to newsletters and policies. This will help to reduce the trauma responses of any pupil or adult who has found the environment to be challenging.

We provide information and awareness-raising workshops focused on developmental trauma and trauma responses, which help school staff to adapt practices for the benefit of the pupil and any other staff member who may also be experiencing difficulties. 

We offer consultancy sessions to school staff supporting individual children who have extra needs. These are designed to help support staff confidence and approaches to supporting pupils in school. Advice and guidance from the art therapists and play therapists in the team is available too for staff who are working with children and young people with specific needs in the classroom.

Supervision sessions for staff requiring a reflective space to discuss the challenges they are experiencing can also be offered. These sessions can help staff feel supported and gain confidence, which will help protect their wellbeing. Support can be specific to individual need and can be single-session or long-term. 

Let’s Connect can help schools and education settings to provide a supportive environment for all those within it.

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