Transition Support

Transition Support

Any period of transition can be difficult for children and young people and movement between schools can bring different levels of excitement and challenge.


We provide support to manage and prepare for key transitions which can be delivered either in-person or virtually to whole classes, small groups or individual pupils.

Our transition support helps pupils to:

  • Explore thoughts and feelings about moving school 
  • Feel more confident and ready
  • Prepare for next steps
  • Understand what they can do to support themselves
  • Identify who and how others can support them


We have created specific resources to support pupils transition including our ‘Stepping into Secondary’ guide which helps pupils be ‘mind-set ready’ and think positively about starting secondary school. 

Feedback from pupils last year was consistently positive:

  • 100% of pupils reported feeling better and more confident about moving to secondary school.
  • 100% of pupils reported feeling more prepared to attend secondary school.
  • 100% pupils reported that they would recommend the transition support to a friend.

Pastoral Lead

“The transition sessions were well planned and really engaging. The children have come back to lessons with more confidence and a willingness to talk; they’re more prepared and are more aware of how to deal with emotions and situations that arise.” 

Year 6 Lead

“Hearing the children talk about how the thought of moving to secondary school is affecting them, raised our awareness in school of the issues. Our year 6’s really needed this help and support and they have taken onboard all what they have been taught. They have a better awareness, and this has fed into our school community and the theme of discussions I heard in the sessions will inform our PSHE lessons.” 

Aamir, age 10

“I feel more comfortable and less worried about going to secondary school. The sessions answered my questions, and it was useful to talk about how we feel. I feel more confident and prepared now.”

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