Exam Support

Exam Support

Exams have become part of regular life and for many children they evoke anxiety, worry, sleeplessness and negative thinking which can affect all areas of a child’s life and be difficult for adults at home and school to support. 

Our Programmes

Let’s Connect exam support programmes are designed to give pupils the opportunity to share their feelings safely by providing a nurturing environment that helps pupils to identify their worries; collectively support one another; develop ways to cope and find balance between revision, rest and recreation. 

Our exam support programmes help small groups or whole classes of pupils to:

  • Improve wellbeing and mental health
  • Build resilience and confidence
  • Develop evidenced based coping strategies
  • Promote self-care
  • Enhance understanding of what impacts individual wellbeing
  • Strengthen peer networks
  • Prevent/decrease troubling feelings/behaviours
  • Plan balanced daily routines to keep emotionally ‘on track’
  • Celebrate success (whatever the size).

Owen, age 15

“I was worried about my GCSE’s and the pressure I felt from everyone to do well.  I put so much pressure on myself and just forgot to be me I would be up all night revising – I stopped doing all the things I used to love doing. I joined a Let’s Connect group and realised that just talking to other people really helped. Things are different now – I think about things differently; I’m kinder to myself; I feel happier and less stressed.”

Parent of Aisha (age 16)

“There has been a huge difference in my daughter’s confidence which has been unbelievable.  She is so much happier in herself and to talk about her feelings now.  She has been more confident with her exams, and it is paying off in her results.”

Parent of Alex (age 15)

“My boy would have been a complete mess on the build up to his exams without Let’s Connect but is so calm now; it is brilliant now he is so different to what he is normally like – this has made the whole family situation less stressful.”

Ranni, age 16

“I’m not having as many panic attacks now. I feel less angry now and I’m less anxious about tests and exams in college. Understanding my triggers has helped me to manage and understand my feelings more. I have learnt how to keep calm.”

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