Types of Support Overview

Types of Support

At Let’s Connect we offer a menu of support options that can be delivered to small groups, whole classes or individually to pupils, parents and staff. Our approach ensures that four key elements are incorporated – that the support is child directed, system-focussed, strength-based and outcome-informed.


Support can be delivered in the following ways:

  • Solely by Barnardo’s staff (on-line and face-to-face).
  • Co-delivered between Barnardo’s and school staff.
  • Solely by school staff (after appropriate training).

Let’s Connect programmes support participants to:

  • Improve emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • Build resilience 
  • Develop evidenced based coping strategies
  • Improve understanding of what impacts individual wellbeing
  • Increase confidence
  • Broaden peer support networks
  • Reduce impact of challenges on pupil’s learning
  • Strengthen community connections.

Our Approach

Let’s Connect has adopted the CSSO Framework© across our practice (Stewart, D 2014) which incorporates, and ensures deliberate application of, four key elements:  

C  Child-Directed  – our work holds children’s best interests at the centre of everything that we do. 
S  System-Focused – we recognise that children live in a system which includes professionals, family, friends and peers.
S  Strengths-Based – we recognise that children, families and communities have strength and resilience.
O  Outcome-Informed – our work is informed through outcome monitoring so that we can ensure our intervention is making a positive impact. 

Also our work is underpinned by the values of hope, personal responsibility, self-advocacy and developing self-knowledge to promote good decision making.

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Whole School Approach - Audit and Consultancy

Let’s Connect whole school approach offer has been developed to support schools to implement a sustainable whole school approach to wellbeing and mental health, embedding a nurturing and inclusive environment.

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Trauma Informed Practice

Individuals in your school may have experienced events which have led to challenging emotions and responses. Such events could include bullying, loss, isolation, segregation, humiliation, poverty, and stress. Any situation where the support network has failed to provide the necessary protection, can lead to trauma.

For a school to be trauma informed, the environment, the language, and the ethos needs to be addressed. Barnardo’s Let’s Connect can provide consultancy to reduce the trauma responses of any pupil or adult who has found the environment to be challenging.

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WRAP® to support pupils

Learn more about our delivery of WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) programmes in schools, which is just one of the support options we offer. WRAP® provides the pathway to achieve a trauma informed approach within schools.

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WRAP® to support staff

Barnardo’s recognises that wellbeing in schools starts with school staff: they are in the front line. It can be difficult for school staff to promote emotional and social wellbeing in others if their own wellbeing is challenged or unsupported.

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Whole Class Support

We can support the emotional wellbeing of whole classes with our ‘Let’s Connect Whole Classes’ programmes. These can be delivered in-person or on-line.

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Through PSHE lessons, Barnardo’s Let’s Connect provides the WRAP® programme to support the emotional wellbeing of pupils.

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Exams have become part of regular life and for many children they evoke anxiety, worry, sleeplessness and negative thinking which can affect all areas of a child’s life and be difficult for adults at home and school to support. 

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Transition Support

Any period of transition can be difficult for children and young people and movement between schools can bring different levels of excitement and challenge.

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Real Love Rocks

Real Love Rocks (RLR) is an evidence-based educational and awareness raising programme developed by Barnardo’s to promote pupil’s rights to healthy, consensual and safe relationships with peers, partners, their family and within their community.

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Wellness Workshops

Barnardo’s Let’s Connect can provide your school or college with a range of workshops that support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of your whole school community including staff, parents/carers and pupils.
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Millie, age 14

“I know now there is hope, I just feel generally happier as a person, I trust that things will go okay for me now, I believe in myself and am more positive about the future. I have hope and belief I can do it.”

Ted, age 11

“If something bothers me, I’m more able to talk to my teachers about it instead of carrying round sadness or anger all day. I’m taking responsibility for myself. I’m more confident talking when I’m in a classroom and I’m better at telling people what I want and need.”

Hannah, age 15

“I worry less about what other people think and I now know the difference in being mad and feeling sad. I’ve looked for something that focuses my energy and helps with my mood – I’ve started jogging and joined a drama club – I feel loads better than I did.”