Impact on Staff

Results and feedback from staff

We collect data and feedback from pupils, parents, carers and school staff on all aspects of support we provide so that we can measure the impact of what we do and continue to develop our support to ensure it effectively supports needs. For more information, please see our Let’s Connect brochure.

Feedback from staff who have accessed WRAP® support for themselves shared the impact of the course on their lives. 


Reported increased confidence and ‘know-how’ to take active steps to support their wellbeing


Reported that the learning and reflection from the course supported improvements in their lives



“The course has helped me understand and recognise the support I need for myself. It can be tricky to ask for support where we support others all day – it helped us think about that. I feel really supported having done the course.”

Pastoral Lead

“Before I arrived, I kept thinking about all the things I should be doing at work. Having finished the course, I’m thinking more about all the things I should be doing for myself. I feel more confident than I was and feel I’ve had a huge helping hand – the tools, where I’m at, where I need to be and how to get there. I’ve developed strategies and plans. It’s been so useful to have time to focus on myself without feeling the usual day-to-day pressures.”

Head of Year 8

“It reminds me of electronics and when you take it down to its component parts it’s very simple. At its simple basic level all those things make us feel good and are so important.”

Assistant Head of Year 9

“I’ve learned so much more about me, the course has helped me think deeper and wider about myself and what I need. I’ve also learned about staying calm, using different vocabulary with children and ways I can listen to them with the tools I now have.”

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