Impact on Pupils

Results and feedback from pupils

We collect data and feedback from pupils, parents, carers and school staff on all aspects of support we provide so that we can measure the impact of what we do and continue to develop our support to ensure it effectively supports needs. For more information, please see our Let’s Connect brochure.

After accessing Let’s Connect services, we asked 2,363 pupils and their parents/carers about the impact of our support. Here’s what they told us:


of pupils experienced improvement in their presenting difficulties


of pupils reported increased confidence to talk to a trusted adult about how they were feeling


of pupils experienced improved peer networks


of pupils reported improved family relationships


of pupils rated the support as good or excellent


Parent of Ted (age 11)

“I have not had one call from school since they started working with Let’s Connect and I cannot tell you how amazing that is, for me and for Ted. Whatever he learnt with you is helping him stay in school.”

Parent of Salih (age 12)

“We’ve noticed a huge improvement, since his support from Let’s Connect. I’ve had no phone calls from school about his behaviour, he’s off school report, he’s calmed down so much and his mood swings have reduced. He really enjoyed the group and it’s been exactly what he needed.” 

Carer of Ellie (age 14)

Ellie seems a lot happier, she has a much better bedtime routine and gets herself up and ready for school in the morning. She’s not being sick anymore and really seems to have turned a corner. She’s getting on much better with her Dad, going out with her friends more at weekends and she’s really helpful at home. I think you’ve done amazing really.” 

Parent of Yasmeen (age 13)

“Her problems have been at school and her friendships, but that has changed. At the beginning of the year, she wanted to move schools, but now she is getting on much better. She talks about her friends with me and does seem happier. She used to come home from school in tears but not anymore.” 

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