Barnardo’s Education Community provides a range of useful online resources which have been shaped and developed with educational professionals for children and young people. Some of these have been created by our colleagues in other Barnardo’s services which we are delighted to be able to share.

There are worksheets and workbooks available which have an important place in supporting learning in the key areas of trauma, loss, grief and bereavement. We know that the key resource is obviously the adult working with the child/children and their skills, knowledge and understanding and values, but we hope that these accessible resources provide staff, children and young people with a structure/scaffold to explore complicated emotions and feelings.

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The resources include back to school workbooks; my coping toolbox; the change challenge as well as a self-care wall planner, reflection shield and worksheets on emotions and the body; the importance of socialising and breathing techniques which resonate with the Let’s Connect ethos of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children, families and whole school communities.

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